Are you a business owner or part business owner of a Black-owned Maine business? Do you know of a business that could use some additional support? Please use this form to reach out and share your voice.

Requirements to be listed in our directory:

  1. A business based in Maine. Brick and mortar or online.
  2. Owned, operated, by a person of African descent. This can include businesses with 50/50 ownership but Black faces MUST be present in your day to day operations. For example: You are a Black accountant, working for a small firm, under a non-black owner. Instead of including the firm you work FOR, we want to include the firm you OWN.

If you are a business owner, please include the following information.

Your business name

Physical Address or if online only, please state so.

Your contact information (phone, email)

Links to your website/social media/etsy shop, et cetera

A description of your business, including but not limited to, your mission, what you offer consumers, your story, or anything other details you wish to include.

We live in Maine, buy from Maine businesses, and are Black people thriving in Maine.

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