After speaking with multiple people working with and within nonprofits, Black Owned Maine has decided to go forward with incorporating as a nonprofit. Our mission aims to include all those within the African diaspora, regardless of financial ability.

We are working with a web developer to create a higher functioning website and hope to soon begin the process of building an app.

We are working with local screen printing companies and printers to create merchandise and other branding materials.

This coming month (July), we will begin offering micro-grants to struggling businesses, businesses looking to expand, as well as entrepreneurs with a strong mission and plan.

BOM will also begin offering help to local families. We will choose one family a month and pay a bill for them.

We are also in the process of planning virtual seminars and events, with local activists, business coaches, and musicians, and DJs.

All of this takes time, as well as money, and BOM appreciates your continued support and patience.


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